March of Iron Drums

Charming Discussion

Through a charm spell on Karkark, the players were able to discover that a band of hobgoblins and their goblin fodder are active in the region. It would appear that they might have their sites set on attacking settlements in the area but it is not entirely clear when, where or how. Apparently the hobgoblins are being led by Karkark’s brother, Bakark, and their main force is somewhere to the north.

Karkark’s note to Bakark


We have found some decent salvage on the coast. The human ships bring a potential bounty that could be of use to us when we march on the human towns. Recommend you supply me with more troops so I can better scour the surrounding area. Real troops, not these pathetic goblins you shackled me with.


Trapped in a Cave

While trying to leave a sea cave the party was stopped by Karkark, who taunted them that he was going to strip Green Shelf bare and then head to his brother so that they could attack someplace called Treebor. He then collapsed the mouth of the cave trapping the group inside. After they escaped they saw Karkark leading his goblins into the abandoned village, which the players already know contains no great treasure.

Warning Treebor

The group decided to travel to Treebor in order to warn the populace of the incoming attack. They managed to come across a bandit/refugee camp where the leader informed them that the threat needed to be taken seriously and that they should immediately reach Treebor and warn the population there or the entire eastern portion of the island risked being overrun by the hobgoblins.

March of Iron Drums

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