House Rules

Healing Spells – Do not have to be part of the prepared spell list. They can be cast in place of any other spell of proper level.

Outlander Wanderer Feature – Grants advantage on survival checks for finding food and water. Takes 1/2 hour to find 1 days rations for 1 person.
Higher roll is over the DC the faster it takes to forage.

Polymorph Spell – Must have actually seen the creature in order to turn into it.

Can have 2 concentration spells active at any 1 time. 1 offensive and 1 defensive(buff).
Concentration checks are made at the start of the player turn if needed. They only make one check against the highest damage total taken in the last round.
Failure means that they lose concentration on 1 spell of the players choice.

Short Rest
15 minutes. Because an hour is bullshit.

House Rules

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