Green Shelf


“A tiny village that couldn’t have housed more then 100 people sits in a dreary cove. Waves constantly pound its jagged rocky shores sending salt spray far ashore. Small houses and huts line its muddy streets, their wood stained grey and white from all the salt in the air. The only splashes of color come from a cluster of tall trees located at the village’s heart and a strange octagon shaped blue stone building on a small island to the south. The sky has become cloudy and overcast with threats of rain. This village has the look of a place where it rains a lot.

Even in a small village such as this, people should be clamoring about on its streets going about their daily routine. But the streets are quiet. Houses sit silently, some with doors swinging a jar. No noise of men working the docks, no sign of boats out on the bay tossing their nets, no sounds of children playing underneath the tree, no tell tale smoke from cooking fires, nothing. Just silence and a cold chill begins to creep into the air fighting back the sweltering heat of the jungle."

Drawing of Idol


Boat Buildings Note

Miles, I am not sure what is going on here. All the wood in my supply is pitted and half of it rotted! Tell Tane and Pak they need to be more careful in selecting the trees they cut. Cutting rotting trees doesn’t make for the best boats.

Below and in a different hand.

All will be well. We will be provided for and watched over. Why don’t you come by and listen to what Uri has to say?

Original Hand

I have no interest in what Uri has to say. Umberlee was good enough for my father and good enough for yours! Father Calib says that Uri is talking about dangerous things. Maybe it would be best if you stop listening to him and get back to the job of running this village.

We are sorry to hear you feel this way.

Father Calib’s Journal

The book is rotted and probably will fall apart if messed with. But the part that it is opened to can still be read. It appears to be a journal of some sort.

Linda reminded me to say prayers for the Cunders. Unfortunately one of their boys was lost while fishing this morning. Shame that Umberlee saw fit to gather one so young into her arms. Apparently their other boy, Uri tried to save him but was unable to. Must remember to talk to him about it.

Miles is in rare form today. He is pushing to try to get several new boats out this month. I keep telling him we don’t need them but he really wants to try to hit new fishing waters further out. Wants me to bless the entire fleet all over again. Linda laughs at it saying that I will be praying from sun up to sun down for a month. She is probably right.

Been trying everything but Umberlee has seen fit not answer my prayers. Our boats keep coming back with less and less. Miles is angry again. And my head hurts. Linda tries to help me relax but it is no use. I cannot relax right now.

Still no good. All my prayers have gone unheeded. Will try a major offering to the sea with the new tide. Linda tells me that Cunder’s boy, Uri has been telling people he is hearing the voice of his brother. Poor lad. I do need to make time to talk to him. Will have to wait until after new tide though.

Ceremony went well. Watching Linda comb out her beautiful red hair calms me in these times of trouble.

The catch is even less then before. Maybe Miles is right and we need to try further out. Will talk to Jasper about getting more boats built and blessed. On a side note, apparently Uri took one of the boats and said he was heading to the sea cave up the coast. Fool boy, the tides there are most dangerous. Need to set time aside and talk with him when he gets back, Umberlee willing.

Been a while since I last wrote here. Uri made it back and started causing trouble. Boy is claiming to have spoken to a true god within the cave. One that would really solve our problems for us. Had a little statue with him…unnerving thing. Linda told me not to worry, it was just the rambling of a grieving lad.

More and more people are listening to Uri. Every day fewer people ask for my blessing as they head out for their daily fishing. Uri has them all riled up about this god in the cave. Linda says they will come around. She is probably right. They are sensible people, just scared.

I am at a loss. Those who accepted the blessing of Umberlee still come back with empty nets but people who listen to Uri have been bringing back full holds. I saw Miles walking with Uri through the square today.

Something has to be done. Some of Uri’s followers have started taking boats up to the sea cave. So far none who have left have returned. Will talk to Miles and see if we can put a stop to this.

Uri’s preaching has turned more violent towards those who maintain the old ways. He is saying that Umberlee has turned from us and only by following this new god can we be saved. Linda has seemed distant lately.

Sheer folly! Amos denounced in the square this new god and was beaten by his own son. Things are getting out of hand. Miles! Miles told me that maybe I should listen to Uri. I fear Green Shelf is falling toward something dark and I don’t know how to stop it. I try to speak to Linda about it but she only responds with frowns or sharp words.

I stood up to Uri today. He was preaching in the streets that everyone must travel with him to the cave as that is the will of their new god. I implored everyone to cast aside this false god and return to the gentle waves of Umberlee. It was most impassioned and I believe that I reached some of them. Linda wasn’t home when I returned.

What a fool I have been. Violence against my flock has gotten even worse. Even I am not immune to the scorn of my neighbors. Someone tossed dung at me while I walked from the mornings blessing. I am not sure why I bother, no one even goes out anymore. Linda wasn’t home when I awoke. She must have left early and not wished to wake me.

I heard a voice in my head today. It was cruel and mocking and I am very afraid.

A mob with Uri at their head has gathered outside the shrine. I heard screams coming from the village earlier but was too afraid to go out. But I must be brave now, I know they are good people and I know that Umberlee will grant me the strength to sway them from this evil path. Uri’s mob is waiting outside and Linda is with them.

Green Shelf

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