Much Progress
We defeated the cultists, I got a spell book and immediately spent all of my money and I got my package to deliver to Sand’stonio.
I can’t wait to get out of here before the goblins attack.

He handed me a paper with the name of the criers guild i am to deliver to. So don’t lose this paper.

We are hired
We have to go off and view the circle and determine what type of ritual is being performed.

We are being paid 300 gold for this. Hooray.

With 150 up front.

We meet with Simms and emerge with a plan for the future and a functionally drunk rogue
Vladislak P’Yanyy joins our party as a rogue and guide. Right now we mostly need the guide.

In our dealings with Simms we convinced her that the deal from Treebor is on the up and up and she agreed to meet with Bertram and find some agreement that lets Simms crew move into Treebor in exchange for defending the town from the monsters.

Here Lies Cerlyn
Cerlyn led us into a shambling mound, and was eaten in the surprise round. He is dead now, buried in the remains of said Shambling Mound. There is poetry in that somehow.

We continue on now; just the Dwarf and I with our vacant eyed Bard.

A Bridge Not Far Enough
This fight featured the greatest use of my cloud spell ever. I locked down almost the entire enemy team. Go me.

Until it turned out their archer was half bat and could target us with echolocation. Oh well.

I got a sweet withering staff out of it though.

We are Scouts and Liars. Or are we only lying about being scouts?
We were hired by the town council to check out the hobgoblin threat and then double hired by Kline to tell the council that the threat is tots real and they need to get help from Lakeway to survive.

We go out to the fortress and not only is there a legitimate goblin threat, but Brakark was there commanding personally. We skirmished with a few of the outlying patrols and then bugged out back for Treebore to tell them that the Hobgoblin threat is real; and we don’t even need to lie about it.

Though i do want to get back here and into that fortress.

I meet Obard Thomas
The chief of the criars and he would like to hire me to be a courier in exchange for a spelll book.
I need to take a parcel, and a package of letters to take to chain way and it will be next week.

In the Inn
Bartolo is the inn keep.

We meet the Mayor
Fine clothes, fine oiled beard. Probably the villain. At least a noble, well former noble since this is a prison island.
Bertrand, the mayor is has a broken leg.
The villain is the guy from lakeway, an ambassador from the west.

We meet Treebor
And I meet Ooti, one of the council members.
They are all bitchey.

We meet the outcasts
I’m calling them that, they probably have their own name. These are some refugees fleeing the slaver coast and were turned away from Treebore. They took us in, gave me a sweet bow and more importantly some fleece for my illusions (which I sewed into every garment just to be sure… and yes, EVERY garment).

Since they have been doing some opportunistic taxation on the people of Treebore we have to go in alone and convince Treebore that we are both not with the outcasts and that Krakrak is totally coming to curb stomp them.

And we are undertaking this mission for reasons. Sure, why not.

I Fucking Hate Nature
Perhaps it was a bad idea to let our level 4 exhaustion monk guide us through the jungle as he walked us into both a Displacer Beast and Giant Spider Ambush. I was promptly skewered in both events, huzzah. I even lost my regeneration potion during my incapacitation.

On poor Wendy
I search the corpse of Wendy and find a regeneration potion for 10 hp over 10 rounds and a scroll of disguise self to go with my earlier scross of cloud.

We then swam out of the cave, I got 2 levels of exhaustion during this swim.

In the Cave of the Crazy Fish Men
Having learned the story of Yuri and the new fish gods we enter the ocean cave and find the villagers in some journey of turned into fish men or sacrificed. We battle the fish men villagers and kill the fishy Yuri.

Using his spells masturfully Gerty saved the party and won the magical Kriss Knife.

At the Chemist
The goods in the Chemist Shop have gone bad to the tune of years rather than the months Krakrak suggested.

Gerty finds treasure in the chest
15 Gold and a Scroll of Fog Cloud are in the chest

Gerty and Osoyawuk search the shipwreck
We’re on a boat!
These two intrepid prisoners meet up on the beach agree to search yon nearby shipwreck. Inside they find a crate with 25’ of rope, 2 clay jugs and a rusty dagger.

Gerty is given the knife by unanimous decision.

Gerty displays his advanced weaving skills
Taking 10’ of the rope Gerty fashioned the two jugs into canteens. Now to find some water.

William makes like a twin
While wandering through the jungle William comes across a pair of aggressive prisoners and uses his minor illusion, using belly button lint in place of fleece, to put up an image of himself moving away that leads the miscreants in the wrong direction.

Not losing faith in his fellow prisoners, he soon meets up with Cerlyn and they become fast friends. Almost as if they have known one another for ages.

Osoyawuk and Gerty storm the castle
How could this possibly be a bad idea?
The pair “sneak” up into the jungle seeking an inland facing door.

Fortunately the jungle has breached the defenses so getting into the fort is trivial. Both the main gate and a tower has been breached affording two ingresses. Being inherently lazy, they walk in the front door to discover their new fort has a goblin infestation.

William and Cerlyn Join the Seige
News Team Assemble
Finally reaching the fort they notice that two other prisoners are hiding near the front gate debating something.

Having no fear of the unknown Cerlyn calls out “Hail” only to be shushed by the pair.

Gerty approaches to fill them in on the situation. 2 “Goblins” and a flying creature of some sort.

Now that we are all introduced, what will we decide to do?

Our First Horrible Plan
Why do we even try
The group decides to place William in the road pretending to be injured in order to draw out the “Goblins” with the others set to launch into an ambush.

How could this possibly go wrong.

“Oh Friends, thank the gods you are here” said nobody ever to the bloodthirsty goblin.

The ambush goes off without a hitch killing the goblins in the surprise round.

Bring out your dead
With more crafts
We find a pair dead humans strung up in the fort. We cut them down and throw them over the cliff face to the beach below. The goblins get the same fate but not before Gerty fashions a leather wrist wrap from the leather armor of one goblin before they are thrown.


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