Isolation Island

The Council Meeting

Going a hobgolinging

XP Gained
Gerty excluded

The council meeting went about as well as could be expected. The group presented the council of their findings that Treebor is at risk from an invasion of Hobgoblins. At first the council believed that the group might be working for Simm’s bandit group but were willing to hear them out. At the end of the meeting the council decided that even though they were unsure that there was any risk that they would at least begin preparations in case of attack.

That evening the group was approached by Ambassador Kline from Lakeway. He offered to act as a sponsor for the group in Lakeway if they would assist him in getting Treebor to come under the protection of the Lords of Lakeway. Kline informed them that Mayor Halfmoon would ask the group to act as scouts for them and wanted them to exaggerate the threat so that Treebor would have no choice but the ask Lakeway for soldiers. The group agreed to his terms.

The next day, Mayor Halfmoon asked the players to travel to the Ghosthowl Hills and act as scouts for Treebor. Unfortunately, his hunters were all either out or busily preparing the towns defenses. He offered the group a place in Treebor if they helped. The group also accepted this deal and the next day traveled north to find the Hobgoblin fort.


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