Treebor is the largest community in the western portion of the island. It was originally founded by people fleeing the raider parties that had started to become common place in the east. The people managed to carve out a life out in the wilds of the Tanglevine Jungle and in doing so have developed an independent streak. The people are pragmatic, rugged and naturally suspicious of outsiders, but can be quick to welcome newcomers who prove themselves to be good for the community.




Treebor sits within a clearing with a cluster of huge trees at its center. The majority of the clearing is taken up by various fields that are either for crops or the herds of pigs and goats. On the outskirts of the clearing there is usually a team of men and women felling trees to further expand the usable area. Gathered around the huge trees are the wooden structures that make up the town with even more buildings located high in the canopy of the trees only reachable by lifts which are in almost constant motion.

The town maintains several small shrines to various gods and a church dedicated to Mielikki. It also has a small forge, an inn (Shades Roost), general good shop, and even a scribe’s shop.


Treebor is ruled by a council that is voted on in general elections held yearly. The head of the council is the mayor.

Current Council

Bertrand Halfmoon – mayor
Papa Greens
Bartolo Hine


Taeg – Human Pig Farmer
Outee – Half-Orc Pig Farmer
Bertrand Halfmoon – mayor of Treebor
Joseph KlineStonehouser ambassador from Lakeway
Bartolo Hine – Half-Orc proprietor of the Shades Roost Inn
Jockle and Hockle – Halfling brothers who run general goods shop
Hadok Irons – Human smith and carpenter
Myra Moonkissed – Elf Ranger, head of the guards of Treebor
Obard Tomos – Blind human, head of the criers.


Smith Shop – Poorly stocked due low on ore due to a partial trade embargo that has been taking place with the towns to the west. Hadok would gladly purchase any ore that the players can come across.
Shades Roost Inn
General Goods Shop – Also struggling due to the trade embargo.
Messenger Service/Town Crier


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