General Knowledge

  • According to songs and stories about the famed pirate, Renard the Red, he was once captured and exiled to Isolation Island. After just a year, he built a ship from the bones of a dragon. These bones we supposed to be strong enough to break through the reefs surrounding the island, allowing him to escape.
  • In the early years after a passage had been discovered to Isolation Island a dwarven explorer by the name of Dugan Bootstrider mounted an expedition to discover what happened to the Kufoo. He sent back many messages about his expedition about his travels. In his final report he claimed to have made a great discovery in the Coalsmoke Mountains and may have discovered the answer to the riddle of the missing people. Dugan and his expedition were never heard from again.

Southern Tanglevine Jungle

  • There is apparently some sort of settlement centrally located within the jungle. Its inhabitants were referred to as Tree Dwellers.


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