Isolation Island might be the most isolated area on the whole planet. Surrounded by thousands of miles of open ocean it is even more remote due to the massive and jagged reefs that surround the entire island. Ships that get to close are almost assured to have their hulls ripped out. Only the Imperial Navigators know the secret safe passage through the barrier.

The island is situated at a confluence of tides and winds, meaning that generally anything suck in the nearby area will end up on its shores. Those same winds and tides also means that only large vessels at full sail have the power to escape the pull of the island even if a passage through the reefs is known.

The western end of the island gets a regular and heavy amount of rain. This covers the area in a thick jungle. The eastern side of the island is more sheltered due to the wind patterns and the large mountain range that dominates that side of the island. This makes the eastern side of the island less forested but its rich volcanic soil makes for excellent farm land.

Major Regions

Southern Tanglevine Jungle

Coalsmoke Mountains


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