Empire of Galeth


The Empire of Galeth is a oligarchical monarchy. Technically, the Emperor is considered to be the head of state but in reality has very little direct power and fills more of a ceremonial role. The real power lies with the nobility who dictate the affairs of the empire. Unfortunately this leads to a great deal of infighting among the major houses. In fact, civil war between houses is far more common then warfare with any neighboring powers. Furthering these difficulties, individual territories often have vastly different laws and customs and in a few cases use different currencies.

These splits have led many scholars to believe that the empire no longer exists in anything but name and is fact just a bunch of separate kingdoms bound by ancient tradition to continue to call themselves the Empire of Galeth.

It is considered en vogue for the nobility to show their grand mercy by exiling prisoners instead of having them executed. Although this practice has already completely ceased in some regions and is being used less and less in others.

Ruler: Emperor Barto Mah’Basha IV

Empire of Galeth

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