Isolation Island

Abandoned Village
The Shadow over Green Shelf

XP Earned

The party continues to make their way towards the abandoned village of Green Shelf in hopes of gathering salvage and supplies. When they arrive in the village they discover that the entire population has seemingly disappeared in a hurry. Further investigation revealed that village seems to be decaying at an accelerated rate, with wood, food and cloth products all showing signs of years of rot and decay instead of just a few months. In several of the buildings strange shrines to some unknown god were set up that gave the party a sense of unease when examined.

Discovery of a priest journal in the village’s temple tells a tale of a strange idol being brought back to town by a boy named Uri. Uri apparently divided the town with his preaching of an true god located in the sea cave to the north and a number of cases of violence broke out. The journal ends with its author, Father Calib, going to talk to the mob to give up these evil ways but apparently didn’t go well for him since he was strung up in his own temple.

The party decided to try to find some answers and travels to the sea cave. Inside they get into a couple fights with cultists who appear to be transforming into some sort of grotesque fish type monsters. They also discover several mindless individuals who only seems to react to physical stimuli. Cerlyn discovers a hidden passage in the back of the cave and they enter an ancient chamber just in time to witness the end of a gruesome ritual. A swollen and large figure drags a knife across the belly of a human and pushes him into pit where he silently tumbles out of sight.

The Ruined Sea Fort
Discretion is the better part of valor.
XP Earned


Starting separately on the beach where they were each dropped off, the group each begins to make their way to an old ruined sea fort further down the beach. Oso and Gerty are the first to meet up at the bones of a sunken ship and dive the wreck. They managed to pull out some meager but well need supplies before moving on towards the fort. William and Cerlyn met up on a different strip of sand and decide to make their way to the fort.

The group finally comes together at the broken gates of the Ruined Sea Fort. They discover that the fort is occupied by a band of goblins led by a hobgoblin named Karkark. After starting a fight with Karkark, Gerty quickly realizes they are in over their head and uses a charm spell to befriend the hobgoblin captain ending the battle.

From the hobgoblin the party learns that a hobgoblin warband is operating somewhere to the north March of Iron Drums. They also learn of a settlement located somewhere centrally in the jungle and of an abandoned village to the east along the coast. Karkark wanted to raid the village to look for good salvage but apparently was forbidden to go by his warchief brother, Bakark.

The group decided that it was time to make haste from the fort before the charm on Karkark wore off and began making their way towards the abandoned village in hopes of finding supplies for themselves. That evening they came across a pair of farmers named Taeg and Outee cooking a stew over a small campfire. Unfortunately, an ill timed joke by William caused Oso to lose his cool and a small scuffle between the two ensued. This action reaffirmed Taeg’s and Outee’s belief that ragmen are crazy and they ran off into the jungle leaving the party along again.

Exiled to Isolation Island
Standing on a beach...

After riding in a prison ship for an unknown number of days, the players wake up on the shores of Isolation Island. A sandy beach stretches in either direction. Jungle in front and ocean behind. Wrecks of ships are sticking out of the surf and in the distance the ruins of a old sea fort can be seen. Not another living soul is in the area.

Everyone discovered that they were also marooned with only the simple prisoner’s rags they were issued when they first were sent to prison.


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