William Marlowe

Half-Elf Bard - Level 5


Age: 28
Height: 5’11’
Weight: 119 lbs.

Languages: Common, Elvish, and Halfling


STR: 10 (+0, +0 Save)
DEX: 14 (+2, +4 Save*)
CON: 14 (+2, +2 Save)
INT: 12 (+1, +1 Save)
WIS: 12 (+1, +1 Save)
CHA: 18 (+4, +6 Save*)

AC: 14
HP: 36

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Initiative: +2
Speed: 30

XP: 6635

Proficiencies and Abilities

Proficiencies: Light Armor; Simple Weapons plus Hand Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, and Shortswords; Disguise Kit; Musical Instrument.

Fey Ancestry: advantage vs. charm and immune to magic sleep.

Darkvision: 60 feet.

Bardic Inspiration: (4 per long rest) – bonus action – add 1d6 to ability check, attack roll, or saving throw within 10 minutes.

Song of Rest (1d6): extra healing during a short rest.

Jack of All Trades: 1/2 proficiency bonus for unproficient skills (rounded down).

Entertainer Routines: Jester; Storyteller; and Juggler.


Athletics +1

Acrobatics +4*
Sleight of Hand +3
Stealth +3

Arcana +2
History +3*
Investigation +3*
Nature +2
Religion +2

Animal Handling +2
Insight +3*
Medicine +2
Perception +2
Survival +2

Deception +8*
Intimidation +4
Performance +6*
Persuasion +8*

Spell Casting

Spell Casting Ability: Charisma
Spell Save DC: 14
Spell Attack Bonus: +6


Mage Hand
Minor Illusion (found some fleece!)
Viscous Mockery (Wis save or 1d4 psychic + disadvantage on next atk)

Level 1 Slots: 4
Level 2 Slots: 3
Level 3 Slots: 2

Level 1 Spells
Disguise Self (1 hour)
Dissonant Whispers (Wis Save or 3d6 per slot psychic + moves away)
Faerie Fire (20’ cube; Dex Save or advantage when attacked) Concentration
Heroism (6 temp hp each turn + immune to frighten) Concentration
Sleep (5d8 HP + 2d8 per slot; 1 minute)

Level 2 Spells
Phantasmal Force (Concentration, 1 min; 10’ Cube; action to make Investigation save)
Suggestion (8 hours; Wis Save) Concentration



I love a good insult, even one directed at me.


Creativity. The world is in need of new ideas and bold action. (Chaotic)


I idolize a hero of the old tales and measure my deeds against that person’s.


I have trouble keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble.


William spent his youth being sent back and forth between his father’s Elvish village and his mother’s Human township. As such he found it difficult to make lasting friends, especially among the humans and elves of his two homes. At an early age, William discovered that he could fit in…at least temporarily…by entertaining people or making them laugh. The better he performed, the more he felt accepted. This led William to the study of music, writing, and every type of performance he could find. At the first opportunity William bid both of his parents farewell and travelled the land with two goals: to seek out anyone willing to teach him another skill and to find his next audience.

Years later William was on stage in a moderately well-known tavern in the capital city. He was eager to tryout some new material he thought would appeal to the local crowd. Among his latest jokes and limericks was a series that focused on the Queen’s ample derriere. The crowd roared with laughter and none louder that the Captain of the Royal Guard. The Captain and his officers were regulars at this tavern, and each them had a vivid memory of every single time they were the butt of one of William’s jokes. So yes, they were laughing. But not, as William thought, at his performance. No, the Royal Guards were laughing because they knew that at long last they could drag William off of the stage and lock him up. Maybe even have him executed. The Queen does not have a sense of humor about her expansive backside.

William sat in his cell thinking that a simple cease and desist would have sufficed. Being thrown in the dungeon and threatened with execution was all a bit much. But at least, he consoled himself, there was no way things could get worse.

William Marlowe

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