Half orc female who leads the bandit group operating outside of Treebor


Simms was originally a refugee from the western section of the island. She led her band of roughly 20 or 30 families across the island in hopes that they could settle in the relative safety of Treebor. Unfortunately, when they arrived the council of Treebor rejected their request to settle in the area and told them to move on. With no where else to go, Simms has tried to make the best of the situation and keep her people alive. They have taken to raiding supplies from Treebor to meet their needed. This has led to the people of Treebor actively hunting the bandit group and hanging any members of it they come across.

Simms simply wants what is best for her people. She isn’t particularly proud of having turned bandit and while angry at Treebor doesn’t hate them. In fact, when presented with the fact that hobgoblins planned on attacking the town she was willing to part with much needed supplies in order to pay the players to warn the town of the attack.



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