Wiry strong hobgoblin with reddish skin, dark red hair pulled back into a slip not, and a long sharp nose.


Karkark is the commander of a small band of goblins who have moved into the Ruined Sea Fort. They were collecting salvage from the ship wrecks along the coast and waylaying new prisoners dropped off by the prison ships. It seems they were using at least some of them for food purposes.

Through a charm spells, it was learned that Karkark is subservient to his older brother Bakark, but has desires to rise higher in the ranks. He wants to strike out at other settlements on the island, starting with those in the east and eventually move west to conquer the entire island. He believes that this could be accomplished if only his brother would send him real soldiers instead of useless goblins. This is a major source of animosity towards his brother.

A second meeting with Karkark resulted in him collapsing a sea cave tunnel onto the group trapping them inside. Before doing so he informed the group that he would be joining with his brother and attack Treebor.


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