Isolation Island

Treebor Time

Hey look an actual town

XP Gained

After finally making it to Treebor, the party initially has a tense run in with an elf who is more concerned about the bandits then about anything else the group has to say. But a member of the city council, Outee, steps in and decides to set the players up in the local inn. The group also discovers that the Simms story about how the people of Treebor treated them wasn’t entirely accurate since it seems that the bandit group caused problems in the town before they were asked to leave.

The group took up rooms in the Shades Roost Inn and got directions to the local general goods store run by the halfling brothers, Hockle and Jockle. There they discovered that a trade embargo from the west has made getting many goods troublesome and Hockle offered to pay a premium to the group if they managed to do some smuggling. Gerty then traveled to the messenger’s shop where he met the blind head of the guild, Obarb Tomos. Obard agreed to trade a book and ink to Gerty in exchange for carrying parcels and letters west to Chain Ways. To ensure that the job gets done, he placed a guise on Gerty. The other 3 went to see the local smith, Hadok Irons. Like the general store the smithy is having supply problems due to the embargo and is unable to produce weapons. Hadok would be more then willing to buy any iron that comes his way.

The group returned to the inn, took baths, and dressed in their new clothes. After that Outee arrived and took them to the city council meeting where they would present their information.


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