Isolation Island

Jungle Book

The jungle death march...

XP Earned
William excluded

After defeating Uri and the evil fish cult, the group decided to make it way towards Treebor to warn the people of an incoming attack from Karkark and the hobgoblins. Traveling through the jungle was difficult and despite the bard being completely distracted by the idol they made good time. Along the way they were stalked and ambushed by a pair of juvenile displacer beasts, which managed to knock Gerty unconscious before 1 was slain and the other driven off. After a rest they continued along and discovered a trail which led to an empty hunters shack which offered a much needed refuge from the constant rain.

After resting they continued along the trail but took a wrong turn and ended up finding a bandit camp led by a Half Orc named Simms. After telling Simms about the incoming hobgoblin attack, she asked the players to travel to Treebor and warn the people there. In exchange she supplied the party with some much needed supplies and sent them on their way.

On the return journey along the trail they discovered that giant spiders had strung webs across it. The party defeated the giant spiders and managed to continue on their journey. Finally towards the end of the day they arrived in a clearing surrounding the town of Treebor.


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