Isolation Island

In the Deepest Depths

Uri and the fish men.

XP Earned

Deep within the sea cave the group entered into combat with a grotesquely transformed Uri and several of his cultists. The battle nearly cost Cerlyn and Gerty their lives but in the end Uri was slain. The group discovered that the cult had already sacrificed nearly the entire town to whatever lay in the great pit below the sea cave. They also found an idol of swirling black stone that William found to have healing properties and decided to keep.

The party left the chamber and discovered several more cultist but these were lying dead bleeding from their ears and nose. Among the dead was Linda the wife of Father Calib from Green Shelf. On her they found a map of the coast with a location in the middle of the jungle marked. Apparently with the population of Green Shelf wiped out the cult would need to find more sacrifices.

With the cave clear the group decided to move on but on their way out of the cave they were stopped by Karkark. The hobgoblin was angry over the charm had followed the group. He briefly taunts them, and then collapses the tunnel trapping them inside. The team uses an underwater exit to escape from the cave and although exhausted they make it to freedom. They decide to head toward the location marked on the map they found.


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