Isolation Island

Hobgoblin Fort

Sort of scouting...sort of

Xp Gained

The group traveled north towards the Ghosthowl Hills, across the Goldstone Bridge. They eventually made it to the Hobgoblin fort, which turned out to be an old stone Imperial prison. They found that the fort was surrounded by picket fires and decided to try a stealthy approach. Failing that, they got into several fights with the picket guards at a few of the campfires.

Unfortunately, the Hobgoblins were decently organized and some of their numbers wen to the fort to inform the that they were under attack. A mixed squad of Hobgoblins and goblins led by Barkark went to investigate. The group deciding that they were simply going to lie about the size of the enemy force anyways decided to leave the scene and fled back towards Treebor with the intention of telling the council that they are in trouble.


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